I have worked in the Canadian federal public service for the

past 30 years in communications, public relations and outreach.

I covered a wide spectrum of subject matter, focusing in the following areas:








I gained a fair amount of experience in the legislative and regulatory aspects of these fields. Environmental matters also appeal to me.


Over the years, I have done a large number of comparative and French edits, as well as copy editing.


In May 2012, I obtained my Translation Diploma from l’Université Saint-Boniface. I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree (Home Economics) from the Université de Moncton (1982) and a Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Ottawa (1990).


My love of words and languages has steered me into a new career as a freelance translator and editor. It is with great enthusiasm that I embark on this journey.


                                                                         - Irène Arseneau